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Wastewater Australia was engaged to design and install an energy efficient Wastewater Treatment Plant for an Eco Tourism Facility located at Kandiwal by Outback Spirit Tours. Kandiwal is located on the Mitchell Plateau in North Western Australia. The Mitchell Plateau is home to the stunning Mitchell Falls.


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Due to the Eco-sensitive nature of the location the treatment plant had to be capable of producing a consistently high quality effluent with nutrient removal capabilities. Reliability was another factor in the design. Kandiwal really is in the wilderness being a 12 hour drive north of Broome.

The treatment plant was designed to minimise power usage as the resort runs on a combination of solar power and an on-site generator. Along with the main treatment plant 3 individual pumps stations were installed around the site.

The resort has 12 individual accommodation suites along with a restaurant and is run by Outback Spirit Tours. Outback spirit operate tours around Australia taking in some of the most spectacular scenery Australia has to offer.

The staff of Wastewater Australia were treated exceptionally well during our stay on-site and we can thoroughly recommend a visit. If there is one thing you need to do in life it is to visit the amazing Mitchell Falls.


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Photos courtesy of Outback Spirit Tours

"Expect to be impressed"