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Last year Wastewater Australia was shortlisted as one of three possible solutions by the Alaskan government to remedy serious water access problems in the northern US state, which had led to a range of health issues. A lack of access to fresh water had spurred the government into looking at ways to install closed-loop recycling systems in homes so water from showers, washing machines and other uses can be cleaned and used over and over again. Wastewater Australia was selected for the international project and the proven technology of the ultraGTS was shipped to Alaska. 


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After months of planning and years of development, two of our state of the art ultraGTS Greywater Treatment Systems were installed in the wilds of Alaska. In conjunction with Alaskan engineering firm, Summit consulting, our two companies formed an alliance to improve environmental and sanitation outcomes throughout the remote communities of Alaska. In extreme conditions the unity of our two companies brought together a mix of unparalleled local knowledge and the undeniable performance of the ultraGTS.

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"Expect to be impressed"